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Photo Gallery | Thieves target True Religion jeans at VaHi boutique

ATLANTA – For the second day, in a row, Winter Hodges, the owner of Virginia Highland store, 310 Rosemont, is cleaning up his storefront after being victim to a smash-and-grab.

On Sunday and Monday morning, around 3 a.m. thieves broke the store’s front windows, one on Sunday and two on Monday, and ran away with an entire display of True Religion blue jeans, an Elizabeth and James fur coat and a couple of women’s handbags. Hodges says the thieves, only, wanted True Religions and noted that they didnt take any of the other famous maker jeans sold at the boutique. 

310 Rosemont opened at 10 a.m. on Tuesday morning for business, as usual, and to celebrate the store’s three month anniversary. And according to Hodges, this robbery won’t run him away from the business. 310 Rosebud has locations in Virginia and Texas.

“I think the music and the songs are what drive it”, Hodges said referring to references to True Religion jeans in hip-hop and popular music. Recently, an Atlanta-area rapper released a mix tape that bears the brand name. “I think, the fashion of young people is influenced, in part, by the music they listen to.”  

Hodges, a recent cancer survivor, says he wishes he could meet the perpetrators and forgive them, face-to-face; he says he has already forgiven them, in his heart. He says he would “encourage them not to emulate musicians and to design their own clothing.”  

“I would support them and, even, help them create their own brand.”  

Surveillance footage has been turned over to the Atlanta Police Department and they are in the process of conducting their own investigation into the incident.  

The owner says it’s an honor to be in business in the Virginia Highland neighborhood; he’s been a resident of the area for 16 years.

“The neighborhood has really embraced me and although I don’t want to become a nuisance to my neighborhood I will continue to carry the jeans in my store”.