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Trouble on the Beltline | News

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Trouble on the Beltline

ATLANTA, Ga. -- The Atlanta Beltline that connects more than 40 neighborhoods throughout the city has only been up and running for a short time. 

And already, at least three people have come forward saying they have been robbed at gunpoint along the jogging trail and in the area. 

The first incident happened last week. 

The latest robbery took place Monday night where the bandits make off with the victim's cell phones.

"Yes, I would have some concerns coming here at night or at evening time," said Penny McIntyre.

Understandably so, after Mcintyre, who takes this route on the beltline near Greenwood Avenue just about everyday, learned of a jogger being robbed at gunpoint along her path. 

It's news that's not sitting so well with the Atlantan who takes pride in the 22 miles of jogging and running trails.

"I absolutely love it," said McIntyre. " It's a great way for us to connect the different neighborhoods."

The beltline, however, is now serving as a connector for a few bandits - accused of using a gun to get away with cell phones.
The first incident that took place last Thursday involved a woman who was approached by a thief in a black jacket and blue jeans.
He made off with her phone - leaving the young woman unharmed.

The second incident happened Monday along the beltline just off North Highland Avenue. Two walkers had their cell phones taken - also, at gun point.

In this case, the victims say the bandits were wearing hoodies.
They also got away with six dollars in cash.
The joggers were left with no emergency phones insight to call for help.
Mcintyre wants to see safety measures in place.

"Especially if I was a single woman walking by myself - I would like to have a little bit more security - maybe telephones, more lighting - maybe," said McIntyre.

"It's probably something we didn't think of that we need to revisit - to see If there needs to be call boxes along the beltline," said Captain Michael Giugliano of Atlanta Police Department's Zone 6.

He called Monday's incident an isolated event.
Overall, Captain Giugliano along with the joggers we spoke with say the place has been a success.

"It's been open for over a month," said the captain. "Thousands of people have enjoyed it."

"Generally, they've done a good job of cleaning up some of the side brush - some of the areas where somebody can hide," said Peter McKenney.