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'Beltline Kroger'? Grocery store hopes for new nickname | Business

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'Beltline Kroger'? Grocery store hopes for new nickname
'Beltline Kroger'? Grocery store hopes for new nickname

ATLANTA – An Atlanta Kroger with an infamous nickname hopes visitors will know it by another name soon.

Several folks told 11Alive that they have a very specific name they refer to the grocery store on Ponce de Leon Avenue as.

"It has the nickname 'Murder Kroger.' I'm not sure why," one woman said.

It's even inspired a song and a Facebook page devoted to the nickname.

But when you see yellow caution tape up this week, don't fret. It's all in the name of progress.

A news release from Kroger hopes people will begin referring to the store as "Beltline Kroger."

Bikers, with bags of groceries, will soon have paved Beltline access with bike racks, a ramp, lighting, landscaping and other amenities shown in the blueprint.

"We've rustled up through the woods to get on the Beltline," one biker told 11Alive. "It's going to be great to have an actual path."

More than a path, it's a metaphorical bridge to five neighborhoods all accessible along the East Trail.

And just maybe create a new nickname.

So where did the store get its current nickname? It dates back decades. There have been crimes nearby and the police station headquarters was once next door.

For, the name lives on. But that may change when construction is complete at Beltline Kroger this November.