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Anchorman 2 takes over iconic Manuel's Tavern | Arts & Culture

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Anchorman 2 takes over iconic Manuel's Tavern
Anchorman 2 takes over iconic Manuel's Tavern

ATLANTA -- Manuel's Tavern shut down to the public Wednesday, yielding to a movie crew shooting Anchorman 2.

The sequel to the 70s-based movie bused in a couple of dozen extras, clad in comically dated clothes and hairstyles. Actor Paul Rudd was spotted entering the tavern's back door early Wednesday afternoon, along with David Koechner. A publicist for the movie said the shoot would conclude Wednesday.

Brian Maloof, general manager of Manuel's, wrote on the tavern's Facebook page "it
does feel odd. The setting of the movie is New York so all our Atlanta
pennants are down and have been replaced with NY teams."

Manuel's was opened in 1956 by Manuel Maloof, who went on to become DeKalb County CEO.  The tavern is thick with dark wood and vintage decorations.  

needed some additional props from the 70's for the time period shoot and
we had them in storage," Brian Maloof wrote on the Facebook site. "I overheard a guy say 'it is nice we do not
need to change many things for this 70's shot.' I am not sure how to take

Members of the movie's crew say additional shoots are due in Woodruff Park and the lighthouse at St. Simons before it wraps in Georgia.